“Glass” is extensively used in modern architecture and daily life, but it has some serious defect, namely fragile. Consequently, it becomes the targets of the robbers and mobs, moreover, broken glass and dagger-like pieces can cause people injury and even death.

Besides, the solar radiation and destructive ultraviolet rays can transmit into the house through the windows. Infrared radiation not only increases the room temperature, but also increases the cooling load of air conditioning system and the electricity expenses. Ultraviolet rays harm the skin health and also fade the interior decorations and furniture.

To strengthen the purpose of safety, security, heat rejection and energy conservation on window glass, a new generation of solar window film - Easy-fix is introduced and it has extent of applications, e.g. vehicles, yachts, stores, houses, and buildings. This new solar window films is a thin coating on the window glass and can be used in different utility and capability, it mainly divides into three types – “Heat rejection”, “Safety and Security” and “Anti-ultraviolet” to fulfill your requirements.

For Anti-ultraviolet films, it can block the harmful ultraviolet rays up to 99% and can reduce fading of the interior decorations and furniture; it can also protect your eyes and skins at the same time.

For Heat rejection films, as it can reject the sunlight and excessive heat, subsequently reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system to sustain the energy efficiency and conservation.

For Safety and Security films, it can prevent the glass from shattering during the accident to protect people from injury by fragments of glass.

There are many kinds of solar window film to match your needs, you can feel the price is reasonable with its satisfactory quality.


How to use

1) Squeegee
2) Cloth
3) Blade
4) Cutter
5) Ruler
6) Sprayer (filled with water mixed with little soap or detergent)
1) Use a blade to remove stubborn stains if necessary.
2) Clean the glass thoroughly with wet cloth.
3) Spraying water on the glass to make it wet thoroughly (Please use the water mixed with little soap or detergent).
4) Cut the Easy-Fix solar window film to suitable size and leave 1/4” margin on each side.
5) Stick a piece of tape on the front and back side at the same corner respectively. Remove the protective backing from a few centimeters.
6) Removing the protective backing gradually when spraying water on the film’s adhesive side (Please use the water mixed with little soap or detergent).
7) Stick the wet Easy-Fix solar window film on the glass. Spraying water on the film’s adhesive side and removing the protective backing completely. (Please use the water mixed with little soap or detergent).
8) The whole Easy-Fix solar window film is fully sticked on the glass.
9) To avoid scraping the surface when squeezing water, spraying water on the surface thoroughly first. (Please use the water mixed with little soap or detergent).

10) Use squeegee to squeeze water from the top to bottom.

11) And then squeezing water from the right to left.
12) Water is fully came out from the Easy-Fix solar window film. Do not move the window till the water is dried after 24 hours.
13) Trim the excess edges of Easy-Fix solar window film with cutter at last.
14) After trimming all the excess edges, installation for Easy-Fix solar window film is now completed.


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