How to use


This self-adhesive can be applied to all smooth, clean and dry surfaces. If you have to cover a rough surface, rub it down with sand paper. Plaster, cement, chipboard or crumbly stone surfaces should be sealed using a paint primer prior to applying the self –adhesive.

Measure surface to be covered, cut the dimensions required allowing overlap of a few centimeters. If surface to cover is large, remove the protective paper from a few centimeters and stick down. Apply carefully removing gradually the remainder of protective paper. Smooth down with the palm of the hand working from the centre to the edges in order to expel any air bubbles. Should any remains pierce them with a pin and smooth down.

If self adhesive is not stuck down properly, lift carefully and put down again. If several lengths of self adhesive are to be laid, they should be overlapped by approximately 1/2 centimeter.

This self adhesive can be washed with soapy water. To remove old self adhesive, warm surfaces, e.g., using a hair dryer.




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